1. Hi,

    I recently broke the quick release on the rear axle of my Lapierre Zesty Am 327. I cannot seem to figure out how I can get a replacement. Curious what companies axles would work with the bike.

    Thank you,


  2. Hey guys. I’ve just broke the bolt of derailleur hanger on my bike. It’s Lapierre spicy. Do you have that parts ? Thanks.

  3. Hi. I understand you have a sale on Louis Garneau showshoes? Do you have any back country (heel lifts, more aggressive crampons, etc.) models, in the 22′ – 23″ range? Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I was in about 10 Days ago and spoke to you about getting a recreational bike. Looking mainly for a bike to use on flat terrain and relatively lightweight to transfer. You said as soon as you had unpacked your recent shipment you would contact me. Willing to pay between $450-600……
    Due you have anything in stock
    Referred to your shop by Wendell/ Sharon Sanderson

  5. Hi, i am looking at a dropper post with stealth routing but my frame has no holes in it i was wondering if you could drill the hole and for how much

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