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Electric Bikes

Terraway 5.0

From the bike path to the street or a light trail, the Terraway literally is your do-it-all dual-sport ebike. It’s confidence inspiring disc brakes, trail-worthy tires and powerful 500W D-Series ...

Regular Price: $4,199.99
On Sale: $3,779.99
Price / kg:

Breezeway 7.0

The Breezeway is an easy-to-ride, comfortable eBike perfect for afternoon rides through the park or navigating the city streets. Driven by a fun-inspiring BionX drivetrain, the lightweight ...

Regular Price: $3,799.99
On Sale: $3,419.99
Price / kg:

Toba HB-1

Imagine commutes with no troublesome hills, no tired legs and no sweating! Toba makes it a reality with their HB1 bicycle with electric-assist. Toba starts with a light aluminum frame and a ...

Regular Price: $3,499.00
On Sale: $3,149.10
Price / kg:

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